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Hi I'm Candace Marra

Hi, my name is Candace, nice to meet you!
Are you ready to get started on your Amazon journey, but you don't know where to start?

Are you wondering how you can break into the Amazon marketplace when there is already so much competition?

Do you need to learn the entire process from finding products, to writing listings that sell, to promoting your listings, and everything in between?

No worries! I have been there, and I am here to help! I have a complete course that will get you through the process so you don't have to feel ovewhelmed. I have also created a group of like-minded people to offer encourage and support inside of Facebook. If you purchase any of my courses, you will also have the opportunity to access my private Facebook group where you can join weekly live calls and receive live support. My goal is to offer you the support you need so you can become a 7-figure Amazon entrepreneur, fire your boss, and live you dreams as soon as possible!

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What My Wonderful Students Say

  • Candace’s genuine personality and easy going spirit gave me the confidence and support that I needed to feel like I could be successful mastering Amazon private label.

    If you are looking for someone to help jumpstart your business, I would highly recommend Candace. She is very sharp, intuitive, and a GREAT COACH. Having her as a mentor or coach would be a great asset to your team and business success.

    Connie R.
  • Working with Candace has helped me tremendously!! Her teachings and her patience far exceeds most!! She breaks everything down in manageable steps. The overwhelm I was feeling flew out the door after working with Candace.

    The way she teaches product research is unlike anyone else!! It makes so much sense!! She cuts out all the steps that most teach. Her way of teaching saves so much time and gets you your end result SO MUCH QUICKER!! Candace is my go to!!

    Lori M.
  • I have been working with Candace for the last few months. She is a phenomenal mentor for someone like me who is a working mom with a young child at home and an Amazon side business.

    I needed someone to guide me through the intricacies of Amazon selling, and Candace really does that for me. She has a lot of integrity, she is extremely transparent, and I can really feel that she wants me to be successful in my Amazon journey.

    So I would highly recommend getting to know Candace and getting to understand what she can do for you. For example, product research is something that was challenging for me, and she was able to walk me through that process, break down the criteria, and really helped me utilize certain tools to help me be successful in finding the right products for my brands. I am really thankful for that, and I have really appreciated her guidance.

    Dianna M.
  • I joined an expensive coaching program in March 2020. I was very excited and dived in with both feet going through the modules, taking advantage of the tools they provided, then suddenly I became ill with the Coronavirus and before I knew it, it was time to graduate from the course.

    I thought my investment was a loss. I was told to join the Alumni group on Facebook. I finally got up the nerves to ask a question. The first person to answer my question was Candace Marra.

    She has a wealth of knowledge. She was able to break my issue with product research down in laymen’s terms. Every call that I attend is so helpful to me and for the first time I felt like I did when I first joined- like I can do this!

    I would recommend and encourage anyone that has an opportunity to learn from her to please take advantage. She is truly awesome!

    Nicky W.
  • Candace did an amazing job for me sourcing and vetting products. I also hired Candace to do my AMZ listing. She was extremely thorough and was right on target with my needs in a timely manner. When I had questions, she answered without hesitation and gave great clarification. I felt that my goals became her goals and that was very refreshing because she genuinely wants you to be successful. I will definitely be attaining her services in the future.

    Helen A.
  • “Candace is an exceptional Coach and Consultant. Candace truly has amazing experience, detail and creativity in the development of e-commerce, selling skills, and mindset support. She has helped me step by step towards success and financial freedom so that I am able to enjoy more time with my family. Without Candace, I would not be able to evolve professionally during these fluid times and highly recommend signing up for Candace’s programs now!”

    Lisa C.
  • I am so thankful to have Candace Marra help finding me an amazing product! She not only nailed the product research but she has been a tremendous help by giving advice & tips to help launch my Amazon business. I highly recommend her!!!

    Judy S.
  • Candace has really helped me navigate product research. She walked me through how to do it step by step which made it easier for me to do it. She is very patient with me. She is a very positive person that relieved a lot of my anxiety walking through the course. I feel blessed I have a mentor that I can count on.

    Eva B. Personal Mentor, Build your dreams
  • Candace is wonderful! Her System is going to put you on the path to get started without all the bumps and hassles that most Amazon sellers experience.

    Candace has helped me get past several hurdles and I am sure she will do the same thing for you.

    Her expertise in finding the “perfect product” is where everyone gets stuck! You can sign up, you can write a listing but can you find a product that will allow you to make the money that you are looking to make.

    Candace has the answers and she is patient and wants to see everyone win. She prides herself on helping others. Candace has been a blessing to my business and several others businesses.

    Cherae H.


  • Mindset is just as important as knowledge! Do you have a winning mindset? Will your mindset keep you in it it until you win it? Download my free mindset checklist and tips!

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  • A free printable PDF showing all the steps from start to finish to launch your first private label product, including all the tools you will need at each step.

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